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Welcome to the RCMI's Events Gallery 
In this area you can access our photo albums and view our gallery of recent and archived events.

Recent Events

Mother's Day Brunch 2022
Museum Auction 2022
Easter Brunch 2022
48th Cavalry Luncheon 
Winemaker's Dinner March 2022
Reserve Forces Night 2022
July 2021 Reopening 
September 2020 Reopening 
Winemaker's Dinner: Wines for Australia 2020
Fort York Legion Branch 156 Joint Dinner 2020
Member Daughter Night 2020
Robbie Burns Night 2020
New Year's Levee 2020
Reserve Forces Night 2019
Santa Claus Parade Brunch 2019 
Rememberance Day 2019
Military History Symposium 2019 
Father's Day 2019 
Pistol Club Gala 2019
D-Day+75 May 15 2019
Mother's Day 2019
Fort York Branch 165/RCMI Joint Dinner 2019
Member and Son Night with LCol Steve MacBeth, 2019
Members' Welcome April 4, 2019
The Great Museum Auction 2019
Michael Jones Farewell
HUZZAH! - With Charles Godfrey and the Arsey-MI Players, March 13
Member and Daughter Night 2019
Robbie Burns Night 2019
Reserve Forces Night 2019
New Year's Levee 2019

Santa Claus Parade 2018
Remembrance Day 2018
The Over-50 Luncheon 
An Anthology of Andy
Father's Day 2018
Mother's Day 2018
BGen S M Cadden, Commander 4th Division 
RCMI/WIIS-C Joint Conference
Member and Son Night 2018 with Col Chris Brown of GDLS
Member and Daughter Night 2018 with NASA's Janet Petro
Robbie Burns Night 2018
Reserve Forces Night 2018 with LGen Paul Wynnyk
The 2018 New Year's Levee at RCMI
The 2017 Santa Claus Parade Brunch
Culinary Institute Desserts 101
Mother's Day 2017
Member and Son Evening 2017 with David Quick
Ted Barris/Vimy, March 29
Valentines Day 2017
Member and Daughter Night 2017
Robbie Burns 2017
Reserve Forces Night 2017