New Library Acquisitions

The Institute Library is one of the largest private military collections in North America, with over 15,000 volumes, and is constantly expanding its collection with new material.  We welcome donations of new books from authors and publishers, many of which are featured here.

The library has a fine collection of military poetry and is actively seeking to expand its holdings with recently published works as well as older titles.

New Books: June 2019

D845.2 S29 2019                         
Enduring Alliance: A History of NATO
and the Postwar Global Order

By Timothy Andrews Sayle
Cornell University Press, 2019

D810.J4 B467 2018
Double Threat:  Canadian
Jews, the Miltary, and World War II

By Ellin Bessner
New Jewish Press, 2018

D786.G719 2016
Skid Row to Buckingham Palace:
The Inspirational Story of
Canada's Most Colourful Bomber Pilot

By Ed Greenburgh
Mention the War, 2016

DA530.H65 2012
Blue-Water Empire:
The British in the Mediterranean Since 1800

By Robert Holland
Allen Lane, 2012

D736. C293 2012
Monty and Rommel:
Parallel Lives

By Peter Caddick-Adams
Overlook, 2012

DG274.S77 2019
Ten Caesars:
Roman Emperors from
Augustus to Constantine

By Barry Strauss
Simon & Schuster, 2019


FC580.M33 2019
Mackenzie King in the Age
of the Dictators: Canada's
Imperial and Foreign Policies

By Roy MacLaren
McGill-Queen's University Press, 2019

HD9560.5 W55 2016
The First World Oil War
By Timothy C. Winegard
University of Toronto Press, 2016

U511.M55 2018
Military Education and the
British Empire 1815-1949

By Douglas E. Delaney, Robert C. Engen
and Meghan Fitzpatrick
UBC Press, 2018

D581.G67 2017
Churchill and Fisher:
Titans at the Admiralty

By Barry Gough
Seaforth Press, 2017

D542.Y72 H36 2016
Requiem for Doomed Youth

By Paul Ham
Doubleday, 2016

D767.92 N46 2017
Pearl Harbor:
from Infamy to Greatness

By Craig Nelson
Scribner, 2017