New Library Acquisitions

The Institute Library is one of the largest private military collections in North America, with over 15,000 volumes, and is constantly expanding its collection with new material.  We welcome donations of new books from authors and publishers, many of which are featured here.

The library has a fine collection of military poetry and is actively seeking to expand its holdings with recently published works as well as older titles.

New Books: April 2019

UA829.U4 F74 2019                         
Ukraine and the Art of Strategy
By Laerence Freedman
Oxford University Press, 2019

VA400.H8 2018
No-Badge Killick:
Life At Sea in Canada's
Cold War Navy

By Gord Hunter
Monkey's Fist, 2018

FC3845.K7 Z48 2014
Names on a Cenotaph:
Kootenay Lake Men 
in World War I

By Sylvia Crooks
Granville Island Publishing, 2014

DS79.764 U6L48 2006
Letters From the Front Lines:
Iraq and Afghanistan

By Stuart Franklin Platt
Granville Island Publishing, 2006

UG765.C2 F76 2002
Canada's Flying Gunners:
A History of the Air Observation
Post of the Royal Regiment of
Canadian Artillery

By D.L. Fromow
Air Observation Post Pilots
Assn. of Canada, 2002

DD881.R695 2008
The Berlin Wall and the
Intra-German Border, 1961-89

By Gordon Rottman
Osprey, 2008


VA458.V46 M66 2017
A Hard Fought Ship:
The Story of  HMS Venomous

By Robert J. Moore &
John A. Rodgaard
Holywell House, 2017

DA566.9 C5 R576 2018
Churchill: Walking With

By Andrew Roberts
Allen Lane, 2018

FC3849.N44 Z48 2007
Homefront & Battlefront:
Nelson BC in World War II

By Sylvia Crooks
Granville Island Publishing, 2007

UA712.H84 2018
Imperial Germany and War , 1871-1918
By Daniel J. Hughes & Richard L. Dinardo
U. Press of Kansas, 2018

DA69.3 M56 H34 2001
The Full Monty: Volume 1
Montgomery of Alamein, 1887-1942

By Nigel Hamilton
Allen Lane, 2001

DS919.2 P43 2005
The Wat That Wasn't:
Canadians in Korea

By Les Peate
Esprit de Corps Books, 2005