New Library Acquisitions

The Institute Library is one of the largest private military collections in North America, with over 15,000 volumes, and is constantly expanding its collection with new material. 
The library has a fine collection of military poetry and is actively seeking to expand its holdings with recently published works as well as older titles.
We welcome donations of new books from authors and publishers, many of which are featured here.

New Books: April 6, 2023

UG735.C3 C43 2022
NORAD: In Perpetuity and Beyond
By Andrea Charron and James Fergusson
McGill-Queen's University Press, 2022

VA401.O6 B36 2023
Warriors and Warships:
Conflict on the Great Lakes and the 
Legacy of Point Frederick

By Robert D. Banks
Dundurn, 2023

Spirit Over Steel: A Chronology
of the Second World War.

By John Thompson.  Published by the RCMI, 2022.
600 pages, PDF, Free.
Click on the cover to read.

D736.C293 2012
Monet and Rommel:
Parallel Lives

By Peter Caddick-Adams
Overlook Press, 2012

D522.5 H6 2004
World War I Day By Day
By Alex Hook
Grange Books, 2004

D810.C88 S43 2000
Enigma: The Battle for the Code
By Hugh Sebag-Montefiore
John Wiley & Sons, 2000


New Books: September 9, 2022

UC90. R82 2016
The Black Battalion 1916-1920:
Canada's Best Kept Military Secret

By  Calvin W. Ruck
Nimbus Publishing, 2016

DA566.9 C5 S75 2022
Churchill in Punch
By  Gary L. Stiles 
Unicorn Publishing, 2022

DA69.P75 2002
Conquer We Must:
A Military History of Britain 1914-1945

By Robin Prior
Yale University Press, 2022

D811.P435 1989
Girl In A Sloppy Joe Sweater:
Life On The Canadian Home Front
During World War Two

By Mary Peate
Optimum Publishing, 1989

D786. F28 2021
Failed to Return: Canada's Bomber Command
Sacrifice in the Second World War

By Keith C. Ogilvie
Heritage House, 2021

DS79.76 T76 2006
Birding Babylon:
A Soldier's Journal from Iraq

By Jonathan Trouern-Trend
Sierra Club Books, 2006