Frequent Asked Questions

You are certainly welcome to apply for membership; it is not a membership requirement for our members to have a military service record. Our members include a diverse group of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and professions.  
We’ve done our best to make applying for membership easy for potential members. To begin, please fill out the online information form here. Once our membership team receives the initial information form, they will review the information provided and will then contact you regarding the next steps required including details about the category of membership you may be eligible for. Once you are aware of your eligibility, you will be required to complete a full application form, which can be found here.
Membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings which are typically held during the last week of each month. Your application will be reviewed during the month that you apply so long as you submit your application prior to the meeting. Once the Board has reviewed your application, you will be contacted by the membership team regarding the status of your application.
The cost of membership is based on a number of variables including: age, military status (if applicable) and proximity to the RCMI. When you apply for membership, our membership team will be happy to provide you with information pertaining to the category of membership you may be eligible for. For more information about membership rates, please contact our membership team at [email protected] or 416 597-0286 ext. 111.
As a member of the RCMI, you may gain access to our state-of-the-art Fitness Centre for the low fee of $30/month or $300 for a full year. If you are not a member of the RCMI and are interested in the becoming a member of our Fitness Centre only, please contact us at [email protected] for applicable rates.
Yes, we have created an opportunity for your spouse to enjoy the perks of the RCMI without you present. With an annual fee $50+hst which will be charged each January, your spouse will be provided with their own RCMI member access card and will be able to use the facility at their leisure. With a spousal member card they can also enjoy RCMI services including reserving dining, accommodations and use of reciprocal clubs, all charges will be linked to your own account.

Yes, our Corporate Membership category includes membership at the RCMI for 5 people. For the FIVE individuals, the corporation would be charged one initiation fee of $3000 and a tax receipt will be issued for 75% of the initiation fee.  Each INDIVIDUAL would pay an annual fee of $1,282 (prorated from July 1). Like our other categories of membership, there is a charitable donation receipt for approximately 75% of the annual fee. If there are more than 5 people interested in taking advantage of the Corporate Membership rates, additional individuals may be added to the Corporate group at a discounted rate of  $1000 initiation fee, plus an annual institute fee of $1,282. Please note, all five application forms must be submitted together. 
At the moment the RCMI does not have a membership category for people who are 65 years old plus. Our Senior categories which you may have seen in our membership package refer to those individuals who are currently Senior Serving members of the military.
Yes, we encourage students to join. You may qualify for our student membership if you are enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited university or college. Our student members benefit from having no initiation fee and a low annual fee.
Besides our Resident members being within close proximity to our facility and being able to visit us easily, all members of every category enjoy all the benefits and privileges that come with being a member of the RCMI.
We currently accept the following forms of payment:
  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Electronic Transfer
Annual fees may be paid in annual, semi-annual and quarterly installments; Initiation Fees are payable upon membership acceptance. Please note: if you choose to pay your annual fees in multiple installments, a $5 administration charge will be added to each installment.
Preference will always be given to prospective members who are proposed by current members. However, if you do not know a current member, you are still encouraged to apply for membership. Along with your membership application, our membership team will ask that you submit a letter of intent as to why you are interested in becoming a member of the RCMI. When reviewing your application, the Board will also review your letter of intent and if your application is approved, one of the members of the Board will sign-off on your behalf.  
The RCMI does not have any monthly minimum spends to maintain membership at the RCMI, you will receive a monthly bill each month that will contain purchases that you made at the Institute.
Thank you for considering referring a friend or family member to the RCMI. When referring a prospective member, you simply need to place your name under the proposer section of the application form. Once the application form is complete, you can instruct the prospective member to send it to us at [email protected].