Defence and Security Studies Programme

The Institute organizes periodic roundtable discussions ('Defence and Security Studies After Hours') presented by the Defence and Security Studies Programme. These forums are designed to allow attendees to actively participate in the discussion of current issues from terrorism to current conflicts in an informal setting after work. Depending on a speaker's schedule, luncheons are occasionally organized. Check RCMI Dispatches and our Calendar for updated information.

At the Annual General Meeting of January 25, 2017, the RCMI Board of Directors announced the stand-up of the DSSPC after a hiatus of some years. The Committee held its first meeting on February 23, and its initial membership consists of: Maj Daniel Eustace, (Ret’d) ChairMGen Fraser Holman (Ret’d)Capt Robert Kennedy (Ret’d)Mr. Reid MordenMr. Eric Morse, and Col John Selkirk (Ret’d).

The Committee provides strategic guidance to, and supports planning and execution of, RCMI’s defence and security studies program initiatives and activities under the direction of the Director, Defence and Security Studies Program, who is also the Chair of the DSSPC. The DSSPC is mandated to assist the RCMI achieve its aim and mission by proposing and supporting educational activities, as well as providing insights, contacts and linkages with external organizations and persons who may also assist the RCMI achieve its aim and mission, all in accordance with the policies and direction established by the Board.

Defence and Security Studies Conference

DSSP Conference 2023 Flyer
2023: A Resilient Canada - A Resilient NATO - A Resilient Ukraine
Conference recordings: Speaker 1Speaker 2Speaker 3Speaker 4Speaker 5

Past Conferences:

2022: Cold War(s) II?
Conference recordings: Part 1Part 2Part 3

2021: Climate Change: Impacts on Canadian National Security and Beyond
Conference recordings: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

2019: Global Challenges to Canadian Sovereignty in the Arcticty and Beyond
Conference recordings: Opening address by Hon. Bob Rae, Closing address by Dr. Whitney Lackenbauer
Session 1Session 2Session 3

2018: Canadian Responses to Contemporary Chanllenges
Conference recordings: Keynote Discussion Dr Barbara Falk & RAdm Jennifer Bennett
Session 1Session 2Session 3

2017: Crisis Response - Canada & the World
NATO Association of Canada & RCMI

2016: "Are we Prepared?" Emergency Preparedness in the 21st Century
Conference recordings: Session 1Session 2Session 3