Inner Clubs

Members of the Institute have long organized themselves into recreational and sports circles to cater to all tastes and interests. The Inner Clubs are self-supporting and charge separate fees. Here is where you will find the latest news about them.


Pistol Club

Established in 1967, the Pistol Club is the home for sport shooters in the RCMI. Unique among Ontario's pistol clubs in their authorization to use both military and civilian ranges, RCMI Pistol Club conducts two monthly shooting events year round, along with other special activities and courses. For a nominal annual fee, the Club will educate Members on saftey and provide training and mentoring, in addition to events and range days. 

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Contact: Darin Davis



Golf Club

The RCMI Golf Club has been in existence for a number of years. The season starts in May with an opening season tournament and dinner, and concludes with a season ending tournament and dinner in late September. While having no 'home course,' the Club organizes and conducts its own events in and around the Toronto area and participates in a 'round robin' of tournaments with Canadian Forces Base Borden and Trenton. (The Circled Pines Golf Club located at CFBB is a hidden gem - both in terms of layout, condition and the green fee.)

Contact: Capt. Greg Paterson



Wine Club

Members of the RCMI Wine Club will have unique opportunities to learn about and taste a wide variety of wines and attend exclusive RCMI culinary events. For the year, members can expect to enjoy three Wine Dinners where we will invite local wine representatives to show case their portfolio paired with for with multi-course dinner. Future Wine Club endeavors will include Wine 101 night and excursions to local wineries. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a novice, we invite you to attend some of our upcoming events.

Contact: Barbara Hodder