Parking Options


Impark Parking Lot

Address: 438 University Ave, Toronto, ON, M5G 2K8
Phone:(416) 369-1801
Hourly: $4.50 per 30 min
Daily: $19.00 (7am-6pm)
Evening Flat: $6.00

Number Of Spaces: 177
Lot Number: 360
Lot Type: Parkade below ground
Restrictions : height restriction 6'6''
Entrance: East off Simcoe St, just south of Dundas St W
Exit: West onto Simcoe St


SP Plus Corporation Parkade

Address: 180 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, M5G 1Z8
Phone:(416) 369-1801
hourly: $9.00 per hour
daily: $25.00 flat rate (Mon - Fri after 8:30am)
weekend: $5.00 weekend (1 hour)

Number Of Spaces: 303
Lot Number: 13
Lot Type: surface paved lot
Restrictions : height restriction 1.82m
Entrance: 180 Dundas St W or 65 Centre Ave
Exit: 65 Centre Ave

Impark Parking Lot

Address: 206 Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T4
Phone:(416) 369-1801
hourly: $10.00 per hour
daily: $20.00 max (5am-7pm)
$25.00 (Mon- Fri 24 hours)
Evening: $3.00 Flat rate (7pm - 5am)
weekend: $5.00 weekend (12 hours) 
$3.00 weekend (4 hours)

This location is near the U.S. Consulate General Toronto, Ontario Courts, Rex hotel, coffee shops, restaurants, office buildings.

Number Of Spaces: 427
Lot Number: 2
Lot Type: surface paved lot
Restrictions : no restrictions
Entrance: St. Patrick Street 
Exit: St. Patrick Street, Simcoe Street


Impark Parking Lot

Address: 60 Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 2H5
Phone:(416) 369-1801
hourly: $8.00 per hour
daily: $18.00 max (Mon - Fri: 9am-7pm)
evening/weekend: $16.00 evening (4pm-6am)​

Roy Thompson Hall's surface location is located close to the entertainment district and the theatre district including The Princess of Wales theatre and the Light Box. 

Number Of Spaces: 360
Lot Number: 120
Lot Type: Underground Garage
Entrance: north off Wellington St W just west of Simcoe St
Exit: south onto Wellington St West

Green P Carkpark

Address: 205 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T 1W6
Phone:(416) 393-7275
Half hour - $3.25
Monday - Sunday & Holidays
Day Maximum (7am - 6pm) - No Maximum
Night Maximum (6pm - 7am) - $8.00

Facility Type: Surface
Capacity: 38 Spaces
Height Restriction (Approximate): 2.13 meters / 7' 0"

Impark Parking Lot

Address: 661 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1M1
Phone:(416) 369-1801
hourly: $8.00 per hour
daily: $20.00 max (until 10pm)
evening/weekend: $8.00 evening max (until 8am),
$8.00 Weekend day max (5am-5am)​

Entrance located off University (North Bound) between Gerrard Street and College Street.

Number Of Spaces: 218
Lot Number: 442
Restrictions: propane vehicles are not permitted.
Height restriction: 2.18m (7'2").
Entrance: North off Gerrard St W off of University Ave
Exit: exit onto northbound University Ave


Impark Parking Lot

Address: 250 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5
Phone:(416) 369-1801
hourly: $9.00 per hour
daily: $19.00 daily max (6:30am-6pm)
evening/weekend: $8.00 evening flat (4pm-6am);
$8.00 weekend flat (6am-6am)​

Number of spaces: 149
Lot number: 427
Lot type: parkade below ground
Restrictions : maximum height clearance 6'0"
Entrance: Simcoe Street
Exit: Simcoe Street