The Museum of the RCMI

The Museum of the RCMI is the largest military history museum in Toronto, and one of the largest in Canada, with over 12,000 artifacts and archival materials in its collection. The museum, with six floors of display space and galleries throughout the Institute, possesses one of the most exceptional and complete collections of firearms (1855-present), uniforms, and medal sets in the world. Our collection includes the most diverse and complete collection of Canadian First World Uniforms and Militaria in existence.

Our Museum Curator, along with the Museum Committee, Museum interns and staff, are responsible for maintaining the collection; facilitating acquisitions and donations; developing and installing temporary and permanent exhibitions; researching and writing publications; and organizing major museum events, commemorations and lectures. Since 2016, the marquee museum event of the year, The Military History Symposium, has attracted some of the finest historians, curators, organizations, and artifact presentations in Canada.

Our Curator supervises several students on an annual basis into our prestigious museum internship program – these students create an annual exhibition within the RCMI. The Museum is open to the public, by donation, and guided tours are available upon request.

A member of the Canadian Museum Association (CMA), the Organization of Military Museums of Canada (OMMC), and the Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia (CSMMI), the Museum of the RCMI observes its collection and its display spaces under museum best practice.
For further inquiries about the Museum of the RCMI, including donations and partnerships, please contact our Museum Director & Curator, Ryan Goldsworthy: [email protected]