President & Executive Director
LCol Michael J.K. Clarry, CD (Ret’d)
[email protected]

Mr. William Hines, MA – Vice President
Lt(N) Eric Blay, CD – Director
LCol Robert Zeidler, CD (Ret’d) – Director
A/SLt Barbara Hodder – Director
Supt Craig Hannaford, (Ret'd) - Director

Ms. Adrienne McLennan – Director
Capt Eugene Gerstein - Director
Mr. Carl Noll - Director

Mr. James H. Lutz, MA – Secretary
Capt Rodney W.J. Seyffert, CD (Ret’d) – Past President

Board of Directors

The RCMI is governed by a Board of Directors assisted by a number of other members, officers and honorary officers appointed by the Directors for specific roles and responsibilities.
The Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a specified term, one to three years, to ensure a healthy turnover and renewal of the talents and abilities required for good governance. All the Directors then in office retire at the AGM but, if qualified, are eligible for re-election.

The Nominating Committee of the Board recommends a slate of candidates for ratification by the members. Throughout the year, members are encouraged to submit nominations of potential Board members and expressions of interest to the Nominating Committee for consideration.
Directors and members are assigned to chair committees of the Board. These committees are charged with the responsibility for organizing and overseeing the various activities and programs of the Institute.
The General Manager (GM) is the sole employee of the Board of the RCMI, responsible for the hiring, supervision, counselling, evaluation of all other paid employees.

To contact any of our Board of Directors, email them at: [email protected]