The Library Book Sale and Donations

Used Book Donations
For many years, the RCMI Library has appreciated the many donations of used books from members. However, our new donation policy reflects the changing environment that new technologies and user needs have brought about. 

While a complete statement of the new donation policy is readily available from the Librarian, Penny Lipman, a few highlights follow: 
  • The Library is pleased to accept donations for the book sale, but we are not able to accept every book offered. Please contact the Librarian with a list of books in your proposed donation.
  • We cannot accept used books that were published before the year 2000. Our shelf space is very limited and so many older titles are now available in digital; as a result, we are focusing on newer books.
  • The Library does not issue tax receipts for donations of used books.
We are sure everyone will appreciate the revitalization that this new exciting policy brings. 

New Books
Donations of complimentary new books from authors or publishers are always greatfully received and many are featured on the New Acquisitions page and Members' News. 
Monetary Donations
Monetary donations to the Library are also always welcome, to help us expand and diversify our collection.