New books from publishers, authors or members are always gratefully received and many are featured on the New Acquisitions page and Members' News.   
The Library has a fine collection of military poetry and is actively seeking to expand its holdings with recently published works as well as older titles.

We are pleased to accept used book donations but we are obliged to remind members that we are not able to accept every book offered. In particular, we do not accept non-military books, novels, textbooks, newspapers, magazines or publisher's review copies.  We do not take encyclopedias or Time/Life series.
Military books cannot be Library discards, or books that have been underlined, highlighted, worn or damaged.  
We do not take private papers, which would be of better use to the public in a larger library.
Our subject focus is primarily Canadian and books should be hard cover if possible.  English language books only.

Not every used book accepted becomes part of the collection.  Volumes that are duplicates or that don't fit into our mandate are sold in the Library book sale as a fund-raiser for the Library. There is no tax receipt for these.

The Library is unable to accept unreviewed donations.  Please contact the Librarian with a list of books in your proposed donation.  The Library Committee must evaluate donations as to their suitability to the collection, and we reserve the right to decline offers based on suitability.

Donations must be boxed and delivered to us.  Sorry but we do not pick up used book donations.

Tax receipts can be provided only for those books deemed suitable for the permanent collection.  A member of the Library Committee will do the evaluation.