The Museum collects artifacts from 1855 to present. When the Institute closed in June 2010, the Museum also was closed. The Museum collection went into "sleep" mode, in storage...but the Museum continued to catalogue and collect artifacts, establish contacts, and plan for the future. From March 2011, the Museum Committee worked with the Building Committee and Executive on display planning.

The RCMI new facility opened in May 2014 and over the next 12 months most of the museum displays have been set up and are currently on display on the 5 floors of the RCMI.

2015 - Acquisitions 


Donated by Captain Wilfred Elmer Graystone, a 1940's Royal Canadian Air Force pilot's flying logbook, identity discs, silk scarf, sunglasses and case. Graystone a newly graduated Pilot Officer in 1943, remained in the Air Force postwar and retired as a Captain and Air Cadet Officer in 1971.

Ships Plaques

Donated by Commander James Smith, these are the ships badge plaques of the Destroyer (Helicopter) Escorts HMCS ALGONQUIN (1973-2014), the HMCS ATHABASKAN (1972-present), the HMCA HAIDA (last Tribal Class Destroyer and a National Historic Site Museum Ship in Hamilton Harbour) and Cmdre Baugniet's Naval Reserve crest.

1944-1945 Canadian Army Leather Jerkin 

This jacket was donated by LCol. James Breithaupt. It is a 1944-1945 Canadian Army Leather Jerkin w/70 souvenir insignia sewn inside.

The insignia were collected and assembled by Breithaupt's father, a Canadian Army staff officer just before D-Day 6 June 1944.