Royal Canadian Military Institute


There are general house rules for all members and guests to abide by, as well as these House Rules which provide more specific detail.  If you should have any questions please contact or click The House Rules downloadable PDF Version

The House Rules

RCMI House Rules Revision

The RCMI House Rules are designed to reflect the desired ambience of the Institute and serve as a ready reference/reminder for Members new and old as to what comprises generally accepted behaviours while on the premises. This, always mindful of the desire to find/define balance for the needs of some Members and Guests while respecting and sensitive to those of others.

Immediately prior to our reopening in the new building, House Rules were drafted based on past practices, a review of the House Rules of some seven like Clubs nationally, and extensive discussion. Assurance was given to you that they would be reviewed and revised once Members had experienced them and the comments made in a Member Survey could be assessed. While minor revisions have been made in the interim, only with the completion of our recent Survey did your Board feel confident to carry out a detailed review and revision. This has now been completed. The newly Revised Rules were approved during the Board’s August meeting. They are available to Members on the RCMI Website, both Members and non Member sections, and are available in hard copy from Susan Cook in the Office on request.

You will find a general relaxation of the initial draft Rules. This is evident to a degree in Dress but more noticeably in Member Courtesies, particularly with respect to the presence and use of electronic devices from Cellular Phones through Laptaps, I-Phones, E-readers and Tablets as well as printed materials in designated areas. Most notably perhaps Text and E-mail may now be sent and received discreetly throughout the premises . Non Members may now be granted privileges of the Library for research by the Librarian rather than the General Manager. Item 8.01 dealing with the interactions between Members and Guests and RCMI Staff has been altered.

House Rules

1.          General
Members and Guests of the Institute including those from Reciprocal Clubs are expected to govern their behaviour by an appropriate Standard of Conduct while frequenting the Institute or participating in its activities.
1.01           The Institute is available for use by Members and Guests from 7:00 a.m. to Midnight from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays.
1.02           While children are welcome in the Institute, those under the age of 12 must remain with an accompanying adult at all times while on the premises.
1.03           The premises and facilities of the Institute must be utilized with appropriate care, in accordance with these House Rules; and  acting in a civil, fair and lawful manner, respectful at all times of the rights and sensibilities of Members, Staff and other individuals.
2.         Dress 
While a constant effort is made to adjust the dress permitted in designated areas to conform more closely with generally accepted and current standards, business attire (jacket and tie for males or  its equivalent for females) is always appropriate throughout the Institute.
2.01     Business Casual attire is permitted throughout the Institute during the day and evening except when attending a scheduled function at which Business or Formal attire is specified.  
2.02     NOT PERMITTED are worn or torn jeans, sweatshirts/suits, shorts and casual/beach sandals nor apparel with bold slogans or commercial messages.
2.03    Sports clothing may be worn when on the premises en route to or from the Fitness Centre.
2.04     Military/Police/Firefighter/EMS dress shall be the “dress of the day” or any order of dress dictated by the relevant Dress Orders.
3.         Institute Courtesies
3.01     Guests are to be in the company of the Member hosting them at all times while they are on the premises.
3.02     Animals shall not be brought into the Institute by any Member or Guest with the exception of guide and certified service dogs.
3.03     Coats and Hats - Coats, hats, umbrellas, overshoes or rubbers shall be left in the cloakroom space provided on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th floors. On certain occasions, a portable coat rack is made available on the 4thfloor
3.04     Business Papers – Members or Guests may make notes or refer discreetly to business papers throughout the Institute. Those using substantial amounts of paper other than in meeting rooms are requested to use the Library or Short Bar.
3.05     Cellular Telephones – Cellular telephones and pagers are to be turned off or on vibrate while on the premises. Cell phone conversations are permitted on the premises only in areas designated for such use i.e. stairwells, private rooms, balconies, elevator hallways, or where land line facilities are available for Member use.  Incoming calls should be held until the device can be moved to one of the above approved areas. Cellular telephones may remain discreetly in the possession of their owner. Text and e-mail may be sent and received discreetly throughout the premises.
3.06     Briefcases and Laptops – Briefcases and laptops may be carried directly to meeting rooms or left at the Front Desk. They may also remain discreetly in the possession of their owner.
3.07     Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, Tablets, E-readers and I-pads may be enjoyed throughout the Institute. 
3.08      Lap Tops are not permitted to be used in the Grill.
3.10     Wireless Connection – Wireless connection is available. Passwords are      available at the Front Desk for Members and Guests.  
4.         Dining Rooms/Bar Operations    
4.01     For hours of operation, please see Attachment ‘A’, RCMI Hours of Operation, which is frequently updated. Please refer to the Front Desk or Office to ensure you hold the most current information.
4.02     Under no circumstances shall Members nor Guests enter the Bar serving areas, the kitchen, nor any Staff areas.

5.         Notices
5.01     No Member shall post any material on, nor remove any material from, any Notice Board nor anywhere else in the Institute without the approval of  the General Manager or President.

6.         Library
6.01     The Library provides an area for quiet enjoyment by all Members and their Guests.  It is open during Institute operating hours.  Non- members may be granted privileges of the Library for research by the Librarian.
 6.02    Books may only be removed/loaned from the Library through the Librarian  or by signing a loan chit provided in her absence, and only by Members. Reference Books may not be removed from the Library.  A Librarian is on duty Monday to Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
6.03     More complete information concerning the use of the Library is at Attachment ‘B’.
7.         Accommodations  
7.01     Room rates may be obtained from the Front Desk or the Office.
7.02     Other than the approved occupant, no Member, nor Guest shall enter a room without the express permission of its approved occupant.
8. Employee Relations
8.01     Members and Guests shall treat all Staff Members with courtesy and respect at all times. Under no circumstances may any Member or Guest abuse a Staff Member nor ignore their requests. A complaint can be submitted in writing and signed by the author, to the General Manager for review and appropriate action.
9.         Health and Safety
9.01     All employees are familiar with the location of First Aid Kits that are maintained on all levels of the facility. In the case of a medical emergency, contact the nearest Staff Member and then the General Manager. In addition, a defibrillator unit is located at the Main Reception
9.02     Smoking is not permitted on Institute property.

10.        Suggestions and Complaints
10.1     Suggestions to improve the services offered by the Institute and/or complaints against an individual Member, Guest or Staff Member (8.01 refers) must be made in writing, signed by the author, and directed to the General Manager.  Any complaint regarding the General Manager shall be directed to the President.
Approved by the Board of Directors 31 May 2017.