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SITREP is the Royal Canadian Military Institute’s (RCMI) bi-monthly professional journal. It is published online and distributed in print to RCMI members across Canada. SITREP publishes articles which engage with current Canadian defence and strategic topics, foreign and defence policies, international relations, and military history. Examples of specific topics published in past volumes of the journal include the Canadian role in NATO; arctic sovereignty; cyber terrorism; military technology and procurement projects; veterans affairs and Canadians in Afghanistan and in the World Wars. Graduate student papers are also occasionally published.
The editor of SITREP, Major Daniel D. Eustace (ret'd),CD, PhD encourages submissions to the journal from members of the defence, international relations, and academic communities. For submission guidelines, see below.

Guidelines for Contributors to SITREP

SITREP provides the opportunity for our readership and members of the academic, professional and policy communities, to comment on issues of contemporary defence and security. It is mailed to our 1700 members and stakeholders and receives further distribution via our website. From the feedback we receive world-wide, we are heartened to know how widely read it is, especially in the academic community and sister institutes. We especially encourage young, graduate-level writers to contribute.
Key considerations in the selection of authors will include the ability to write short, policy-relevant articles on military and strategic issues; experience and credentials in the relevant field along with the author's institutional affiliations; and most importantly, willingness to contribute to the ongoing debate in the field. Publication is ideal for both established academics and young scholars, and for professionals and policy specialists who seek the opportunity for intellectual outreach within the broad community of defence and international security studies.

Articles average from 850 (a one-pager) to 3000 words in length. Footnotes are kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. (Please note: Footnote references/citations and bibliographies, where they exist in manuscripts chosen may be subject to editing and simplification for publication.) Submissions should be in Word (DOC or DOCX) format. Photographs, illustrations, charts, and other graphic material must be provided by the author, either in JPG or PDF format, separate from (i.e., not embedded in) the article.

To contact SITREP please write to our Director, Security and Defence Studies / SITREP Editor, Maj Dan Eustace, at

The General Sir William Otter Papers

The Otter Papers reflect Security Studies devoted to the examination and analysis of factors and issues relating to the contemporary Canadian foreign and security environment, including development and peace and conflict studies where they relate to Canadian foreign and defence policy. These papers are specially selected from those presented at events organized by the Institute as best representing Otter's objective for the Institute of "the promotion and fostering of military art, science and literature in Canada," and range in format from 3,000 word single topic studies, to book length manuscripts.