Statement by the President on the passing of Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II of Canada

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with black veil         

The RCMI joins with the rest of Canada in mourning the passing of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Canada. Our grief is the more poignant in that over the seventy years of her reign, so many of our Members have had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty in person, both privately and officially. We extend our deepest sympathies to all members of the Royal Family in their grief.

There will be a Book of Condolence available for members to sign located at the top of the 2nd floor staircase. 

God save the King!


Our Mission 

The Institute is an independent member-supported organization which, promotes the study and discussion of military history, defence, security and international affairs, along with the operation of its museum, library and archives, for the benefit of its members and the interested public, through the provision of exceptional services within a unique collegial environment.

RCMI cannons

Library with stairs leading up to the Librarian's officeLibraryRed Baron Seat in the Long BarRoyal Canadian Navy display with model battle ships  

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