RCMI UPDATE - May 17, 2022

Please continue to check the website for updates. 

RCMI Services is open for Member Dining, Take-out Services, Private Events and Accommodations. 

The RCMI will continue to require proof of vaccination as outlined in our policy below until June 1, 2022

As Ontario lifts mask mandates in most settings on March 21, masks will no longer be mandatory at the RCMI. We strongly suggest and encourage the use of masks whenever you are not eating or drinking in the Institute.

The RCMI is committed to taking all possible measures to ensure the health and safety of our Members, Guests and Staff, and has developed the following guidelines in accordance with Provincial and Municipal recommendations to help reduce the spread of Covid-19:

Legal Requirements
On August 24th, 2021, the Government of Ontario amended Ontario Regulation 364/20 to specifically give the province the authority to require a business or organization to have a vaccination policy or set out what must be included in such a policy.

On September 1st, 2021, the Government of Ontario announced that, as of September 22nd, 2021, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination along with valid identification will be required for entry to certain business and settings, included, but not limited to indoor dining, bars, gyms, events, meeting spaces etc.

On December 30th, 2021, the Government of Ontario announced that, as of January 4th, 2022, enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificates with a scannable QR code and valid identification with name and date of birth are required for entry for certain businesses and organizations under the Province’s Proof of Vaccination Policy. Vaccine receipts without a QR code will no longer be accepted. 

As announced, the Ontario Government will remove its proof of vaccination system on March 1, 2022, and has moved up the second phase of its COVID-19 reopening plan. The province indicated in a news release that despite removing the vaccine passport system, businesses and other settings may choose to continue to require proof of vaccination if they so choose to do so.  Based on the feedback we received from Members and Staff via the recent questionnaire that was sent out, the RCMI will continue to require proof of vaccination as outlined in our policy until further notice. 

In accordance with these legislative actions, this policy applies to RCMI members, guests, employees and contractors for entry to the RCMI at 426 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Proof of Vaccination
All RCMI members, guests, employees and contractors must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination for entry to the RCMI at 426 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. No documentation will be retained by the RCMI.

Proof of vaccination will be an individual’s enhanced vaccine certificate with an official scannable QR code. Vaccine receipts without a QR code are no longer accepted. Ontario residents can download and print their enhanced vaccine certificate by visiting: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/get-proof/. The Verify Ontario app used to scan QR codes can also recognize and scan QR codes from other Canadian government issuers.

Full Vaccination Criteria
An individual is fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose of a 2-dose vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna or Oxford/AstraZeneca) or 14 days after the single dose of a 1-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson).  A person who has received two different vaccines is fully vaccinated.

Nine First Nations communities are excluded from the mandatory QR codes and are still permitted to show their vaccine receipt and a form of identification.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the policy. There may also be other limited exemptions that can be discussed with the General Manager at garett.wright@rcmi.org or 416-597-0286 ext.113, in advance of visiting the Institute.

Providing Proof of Vaccination
All members, guests, employees and contractors must enter the Institute through the 426 University Avenue entrance. Proceed to the Front Desk where staff will continue our COVID-19 screening practices of everyone entering the facility. In addition, be prepared to present your enhanced proof of vaccination as outlined above along with a valid piece of identification (e.g. Driver’s License, Health Card, Passport, Birth Certificate). The RCMI will not retain this information and it will only be checked upon entry.

Interim Policy
This policy will be reviewed and updated as the situation evolves and in the event that Public Health authorities recommend further vaccination obligations.

An individual’s vaccination status is personal information that is not shared nor disclosed outside the scope of a very limited number of authorized persons, and only then to ensure compliance with implementation of the policy.

Approved 8 September 2021
Revised 28 February 2022

Rodney W. J. Seyffert, CD
Captain (Ret’d)
President & Executive Director
RCMI Board of Directors
  • RCMI members and their guests are free to tour the museum during the RCMI’s opening hours. Guided tours and tours for members of the public must be arranged in advance with our Museum Director & Curator.
  • Tours will be comprised of no more than 8 people per group. If a group is larger than 8 people, a second tour guide must be arranged.
  • The Museum is accepting in-kind and cash donations – tax receipts can be generated for any donation to our museum. These donations must be arranged with the Museum Director.

Our Mission 

The Institute is an independent member-supported organization which, promotes the study and discussion of military history, defence, security and international affairs, along with the operation of its museum, library and archives, for the benefit of its members and the interested public, through the provision of exceptional services within a unique collegial environment.

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