Dear Member:

In our ongoing efforts at the RCMI to improve and enhance communication with our members, we have listened to your suggestions especially with regard to the merits of electronic communication. At the same time, we have considered the benefits to the Institute. Currently, you receive a monthly mailing which includes your statement, event flyers and either Members News or SITREP. Unfortunately, there are times when some of the event information is received too late or even after the event has occurred. Access to this information electronically, by email and links, has been requested by members and would alleviate this problem. The monthly mailing that is sent to approximately 1500 members twelve times each year costs the organization approximately $100,000. Therefore, in order to communicate with members in a more timely and effective manner and to reduce unnecessary costs, we have decided to provide members with the option to receive monthly communications electronically. Please note that this is an option and you may still receive the monthly package by mail if you so desire. Commencing January 2017, members who have indicated that they would prefer to receive communication from the RCMI electronically will no longer receive Members News, SITREP, flyers or their statements in the mail. Instead, these members will receive these items via email and links in that email. In addition, through the Members Only section of our website, statements may also be viewed at any time throughout the month. For those of you who would prefer to continue to receive the print mailing, our mode of communication with you will not change. In conclusion, if you wish to receive our communication exclusively via email from the RCMI (and to ensure that we have your correct email address) please email your agreement to accounting@rcmi.org with the following information: Name, Member Number and Email address We thank you in advance for considering the change to electronic communication with the RCMI.

Best wishes,

Dr. Michael Hoare
Notice of Annual General Meeting

The next AGM is scheduled for Wednesday, Novemeber 29, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. This is simply an advance notice. The usual official notice and information will be sent to you in mid-December  by mail as in  past practice. Our last AGM was held on January 25, 2017. However, we are still striving to catch up on the approval of our financial statements and get back to the normal schedule of AGMs, hence another AGM seven months later. Should you wish to nominate a member as a candidate for the Board, you will receive information on the procedure plus the nomination form in our imminent mailing. However, if you wish to obtain that information immediately, please contact Susan Cook at 416 597-0286 ext. 111. 

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