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Canadian Forces Artists' Programme on Display at Massed Military Musical Spectacular at Roy Thomson Hall

For the annual Spectacular, RCMI Artist in Residence Gertrude Kearns has curated a dynamic display of Canadian war images by four contemporary Canadian painters. The dynamic display of 15 large format war inspired works from WWI to Afghanistan will be mounted in Roy Thomson Hall during the October 26 event. Further information on the artists (Gertrude Kearns, William MacDonnell, Charlie Pachter, and Scott Waters) is available on the website of NDHQ here.

Local Historian Mike Filey on the RCMI

Local Historian Mike Filey on the RCMI

Toronto historian Mike Filey, who has presented at Military History Nights more than once, has a delightful column in the October 19 SUN concerning the RCMI's past and present. Read it here.

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP is the journal of analysis and opinion of the RCMI. It appears six times a year and is a digest of current Canadian and international thinking on strategic and international affairs. We are happy to receive and review all submissions.

Click here to download the current issue of SITREP (May-June 2014) in PDF format.

Timothy Choi argues that while the AOPSs, as currently envisioned, could use some improvements, they are far from the “cool” commentary that critics make them out to be. Kyle Wierks debunks the belief held by some that Canada is considered to be a refuge for international terrorists due to supposedly lax immigration laws, inadequate focus on security and defence and inferior counter-terrorism capabilities. Weixin Lu provides a fascinating examination of the geopolitical balance in northeast Asia through the commentary of retired People's Liberation Army (PLA) Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang, a vocal critic of North Korea's nuclear ambition and belligerence. The warming of trade relationships between China and Taiwan are examined in a Strategic Forecasting analysis. On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy, RCMI member JR Digger MacDougall with reverence reports on the wreath laying ceremonies and services 7-9 June in Normandy. Major Thomas Fitzgerald a frequent reviewer of books for Sitrep offers a review of Ted Barris’ latest book The Great Escape: A Canadian Story.

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The RCMI's New Hours of Operations

The new premises at 426 University Ave. are now open for Members' use. Here is a complete schedule of services and hours of operation in PDF format for consultation and downloading. Please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge at 416 597 0286 or Susan Cook at ext 111 for further information.

RCMI House Rules: Updated for the 21st Century

In keeping with modern social and business traditions, the RCMI Board of Directors has produced a new set of House Rules for Members and their guests. It is available here for viewing and download in PDF format.

Security Studies Committee and Military History Night webcasts - the full Spring 2014 season on YouTube

An amazing evening with Charles Scot-Brown: 'Everywhere you looked, there were ships', the D-Day landings. The first Military History Night at the New RCMI, now available here. The photo album from Charles's stupendous kick-off MHN event June 11 is available here

The podcast of the May 11 Military History Night with Doug Wrigglesworth on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in South Africa is now available for viewing on YouTube here.

The podcast of the April 24 Edward Lucas address to RCMI and NATO Council of Canada on April 24 is now available here.

SSC Presentation 'The Standard Excuse for anything: This is Afghanistan' with Prof Stuart Hendin, QC is now available here

Military History Night, March 5 'The Raid on St. Nazaire, May 1942 and the roles of four Canadians in it' available here

Military History Night: Eric Morse's January 22 presentation "Prefect, take a detachment and clear that out: a Roman Surge into Germany in 235 AD" can be viewed here.

First Peter Hunter Prize winner published as Otter Paper

Otter No. 1-14 by OCdt William Buss, RMC: "Lifting the Shadows: Media, Political Awareness and Public Relations as an Enabler for Special Operations Forces". Winner of the first annual Peter Hunter Prize for his presentation at the CDAI Graduate Student Symposium of October 2013.

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Fall 2014 events schedule now posted

The Fall 2014 schedule of Military History Nights and Security Studies Committee events is now posted. Speakers' Evenings and NEW Military Movie Nights to come.

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