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RCMI and NATO Council of Canada Joint Roundtable April 24: 'Russian Intelligence After Snowden' with Edward Lucas

RCMI and NATO Council of Canada Joint Roundtable April 24:
'Russian Intelligence After Snowden' with Edward Lucas

The RCMI Security Studies Committee and the NATO Council of Canada are delighted to offer a special joint luncheon roundtable with Mr. Edward Lucas, Senior Editor of the Economist and author of The New Cold War (2008). He will address current developments in the Former Soviet Union. The RCMI and NATO Council gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance of Tartu College and the University of Toronto Chair for Estonian Studies in making Mr. Lucas's attendance possible. For further information and registration, click here.

New Otter Paper: 'The Limits of Victory'

The RCMI is pleased to publish our second Otter paper for 2014: 'The Limits of Victory' by Vincent J. Curtis, in which Mr. Curtis discussed how victory may be defined tactically and strategically in a number of major war scenarios, including terrorism.

First Peter Hunter Prize winner published as Otter Paper

Otter No. 1-14 by OCdt William Buss, RMC: "Lifting the Shadows: Media, Political Awareness and Public Relations as an Enabler for Special Operations Forces". Winner of the first annual Peter Hunter Prize for his presentation at the CDAI Graduate Student Symposium of October 2013.

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP is the journal of analysis and opinion of the RCMI. It appears six times a year and is a digest of current Canadian and international thinking on strategic and international affairs. We are happy to receive and review all submissions.

Click here to download the current issue of SITREP (March-April 2014) in PDF format.

Andrew Majoran identifies well the importance of both domestic and international cooperation in combatting the threat of international terrorism, and how domestic and international solutions to international terrorism may be used to effectively resolve major jurisdictional issues associated with the trials of suspected international terrorists. Christopher Radojewski examines the political rhetoric, policy, and material commitments of PM Pierre Trudeau and posits that his government paved the way for the present government to secure Canada’s Arctic sovereignty. Adam Finzi discusses why Canada’s contributions to UN peacekeeping have fallen in the last decade and how this is a result of Canada’s stronger commitment to NATO. John Thompson writes that Russia, although weaker than the Soviet Union at its height, is still capable of projecting dominating military force in its borderlands.

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FULL FALL 2013 SEASON podcasts of RCMI events

The video of the annual Military History Night Halloween special with Derwin Mak: ‘Witchcraft and the British Monarchy’ is now available here.

Full Podcast of Parts One,Two and Three of the October 24 Security Studies Roundtable on PTSD with LCols Chris Linford and Stephane Grenier are now on YouTube. Part One: LCol Linford’s presentation is here. Part Two: LCol Linford’s Q and A is here. Part Three: LCol Grenier’s presentation is here.

Full podcast of Military History Night with BGen (ret'd) Paul Hayes on October 16, 2013 is now available - YouTube link here

Podcast of Military History Night September 11: Capella Italiana at Scapa Flow with Patrick Murphy - YouTube link here

Worldwide Reciprocal Affiliations - NEW 2012 COMPLETE LIST

Members of the Institute can visit and use accommodation (where available) at over 100 reciprocal clubs, institutes and organizations worldwide. Our Membership Secretary can assist in making contact with the desired organizations and will prepare any introduction letters required. For a list of our current Canadian and international reciprocals, click here.

Jackman Collection slideshow

Jackman Collection slideshow

View the Hal Jackman Collection of Napoleonic Lead Soldiers in never-before-seen detail, with musical accompaniment by Herr L. van Beethoven!  

Click here to view the slideshow

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NEW Security Studies Committee and Military History Night webcasts on YouTube

SSC Presentation 'The Standard Excuse for anything: This is Afghanistan' with Prof Stuart Hendin, QC is now available here

Military History Night, March 5 'The Raid on St. Nazaire, May 1942 and the roles of four Canadians in it' available here

Military History Night 'A Bed for Heroes: Treating Ontario's Wounded is available here

The New CF Ranks and Insignia

A helpful PowerPoint guide here.

The 24th Massed Military Musical Spectacular at Roy Thompson Hall featuring Chris Hadfield

The 24th Massed Military Musical Spectacular at Roy Thompson Hall featuring Chris Hadfield

The 24th Spectacle was a thrilling afternoon of music and pageantry, graced by the presence of Canada's own 'Major Tom', astronaut Chris Hadfield. The full photo gallery is here.

Useful info about the Albany Club!

A downloadable and printable PDF file of general info about our new temporary home at the Albany Club is available here.